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Downtown Akron Partnership seeks ‘pop-up’ retailers to fill vacant storefronts

popups26cutBy Katie Byard
Beacon Journal business writer

Downtown Akron has its share of vacant storefronts, and a new effort aims to fill some of them with temporary “pop-up” shops.

The nonprofit Downtown Akron Partnership is launching its “pop-up retail” program, seeking business owners and entrepreneurs who will be matched with downtown property owners who have empty first-floor storefront space.

Leases will run for six months.

The hope is that participating tenants will see downtown as a viable business location and make it their permanent home, injecting vibrancy into the area, said Kimberly Beckett, director of business relations for Downtown Akron Partnership.

Long-vacant spaces often get overlooked, she said. Read More

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Hoodstarter crowdsources solutions for vacant storefronts

Kickstarter connects you with people willing to fund the innovative idea you’re working on in your garage. Why can’t you get funding for the innovative idea you have for the vacant storefront down the block?

Hoodstarter may have an answer. Co-founders Justin Ley and David Berglund, who work together at UnitedHealth, recently finalized and launched a first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing/funding platform that allows users to post vacant properties, post and vote on ideas for new onsite businesses or public uses, and fund entrepreneurs willing and able to turn those ideas into tangible businesses. Read more

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On Empty Commission Seats and Empty Condos


February 13, 2015 9:00 am

by George Chidi ·

These buildings fill me with existential dread. They are Lovecraftian horror in tasteful glass and stone, vile and perilous Things worthy of a John Carpenter soundtrack, an attack on the essential core of my reason.

This is Panola Slope.

The development on Covington Highway is tasteful and well-maintained, modeled on the live-work-play concepts put to such extraordinary use in places like Suwanee Town Center and Atlantic Station. The first floor contains 12,000 feet of retail space, with 23 luxury townhomes built on the second and third stories. They have brick facing exteriors with parking garages tucked carefully in the back. Read More

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For lease: Target retail space near you

Target in Canada

Published Thursday, January 15, 2015 12:48PM EST
Last Updated Thursday, January 15, 2015 5:42PM EST

Canadian shoppers better get used to seeing “space for lease” signs at their nearest shopping mall, as Target’s departure from Canada will leave behind 133 big, empty retail spots across the country.

The fate of those empty spaces will become an important sidebar to the Target story going forward, as not all of them sit in prime retail locations.

Target took over many spaces once used by Zellers when it arrived in Canada in 2013. The discount retailer established an aggressive footprint immediately, opening 124 stores in its first year and adding nine more in 2014. Four of those stores were new builds made specifically for Target, and the company continued to open new stores as recently as last October. Read More


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Private apartments could fill empty retail slots at Image

A line of four retail units at Hemel Hempstead’s modern Image development could be turned into private housing under plans submitted to Dacorum Borough Council.

The sites on the ground floor of the Image site – alongside the KD Tower block on the Leighton Buzzard Road – were intended to be used for shops but have never been in occupation since the complex was completed in 2010. Read More.

Image development, Hemel Hempstead

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Retail medicine gobbles up empty space in shopping center storefronts

By Bloomberg News

Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015, 10:57 p.m.

With video stores and retailers closing their doors, retail real estate has had a tough half-decade. The cure? Urgent care clinics.

The clinics, storefronts staffed with doctors to treat common ailments or minor injuries, are filling vacancies left by struggling retailers like RadioShack Corp. and Best Buy Co. as they close locations.

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New shops spread into vacant spaces, malls as valley shakes off …

Las Vegas Review-Journal
By LAURA CARROLL This year is shaping up to be busy for local retail professionals, as malls fill in empty spaces vacated by stores that didn’t survive the


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Students full of ideas for vacant Boston storefronts

Boston Herald
“Often a property owner can have the need to fill an empty storefront with whichever business comes along first or is offering the most rent.

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Art exhibit to fill space at Block 37

Chicago Tribune
A temporary art exhibition will fill 17000 square-feet on the 3rd floor of The number of empty retail spaces in the Loop has been cut in half in the

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Sears’ Data Center Strategy: A Model For Unused Properties?

Sears hopes to fill its empty stores with servers. Will the troubled retailer forge a new path for companies But now Sears has cooked up a plan to make use of all that empty retail space: turn it into data centers. If it works, it might well point

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