Bob Depot?

Good Tidings,

I am Bob “Bob Depot” Hynes,

I acquired the nickname from a friend, who over the years, noticed that when anyone I knew needed a tool or part or piece of hardware, or how to put them all together, I probably had it or could do it, thereby saving a trip to the hardware store.

Coming to Las Vegas in 1976, I found employment in various construction trades. Over the years, I have built, remodeled, designed and repaired many projects for myself and others.

In 1980 I obtained a real estate license and sold properties until 1986, when I went into mortgage lending. Working in several arenas, including residential, commercial, and construction lending, I have always been involved with the leading edge of Las Vegas development.

Having completed several remodel projects along the way, by 2001 I had had enough of the lending grind and the direction it was taking and said to myself and my wife, “time for a change”. At that same time I was requested to build a free standing quest house, and figured now would be a good time to move on.

After a short and successful venture with a neighbor friend, re-working many of the major Las Vegas hotel TV systems, we parted ways and I started The Contractor, a general contracting company.

As a B2 contractor with a bid limit of $250,000.00, we are able to build most small to medium projects, up to three floors. Mainly our focus has been residential remodel / additions, commercial tenant improvements and remodels, bank and investor owned cleanups, restoration and handyman services.

We also look for distressed properties to purchase and repair and partners to participate.

Please feel free to leave me a note or request more info.

You can e-mail me direct at or

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  1. Bob,
    I am all about the positive side of the News, and appreciated your positive site this morning. A great resource for data (and it is positve for the past 12 months so far) is the Las Vegas convention and Visitor Authorities stats. you can see that occupancy, rates, and revenue are all up all year! I believe Vegas will bounce back faser than any other hard-hit city in the country, and it is because of people like you, who are positve, “fix-it” oreinted people!

    thanks again,

    Wes Drown, CCIM
    REMAX Commercial Real Estate

    • Bob Depot

      Wes, Thanks for the great note, I really appreciate it. Also thanks for the tips. I do try to get info from there and anywhere else good news can come from. If you get something good, lets put it up. Thanks again. Bob

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