For lease: Target retail space near you

Target in Canada

Published Thursday, January 15, 2015 12:48PM EST
Last Updated Thursday, January 15, 2015 5:42PM EST

Canadian shoppers better get used to seeing “space for lease” signs at their nearest shopping mall, as Target’s departure from Canada will leave behind 133 big, empty retail spots across the country.

The fate of those empty spaces will become an important sidebar to the Target story going forward, as not all of them sit in prime retail locations.

Target took over many spaces once used by Zellers when it arrived in Canada in 2013. The discount retailer established an aggressive footprint immediately, opening 124 stores in its first year and adding nine more in 2014. Four of those stores were new builds made specifically for Target, and the company continued to open new stores as recently as last October. Read More


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